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Reactive Polymer Technology

The People

Matt Miller is a formulation chemist with over 20 years experience in formulating products for the cosmetic, beauty, personal care, aviation, automotive, marine and industrial coating industries. Matt and the team work with leading companies both here in Australia and overseas in formulating individual products that can be used in a multitude of industries, and he has dedicated the last 7 years to sourcing the finest ingredients, researching technology and ultimately producing the highest quality Reactive Polymer based coatings available on the market today.

The Industries


Airlines take pride in the appearance of their fleet. Clean, pristine aircraft are a must for airlines in conveying a professional message of confidence and safety to the consumer. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest issues facing the airline industry today is that of fleet maintenance and cleaning. Many thousands of many hours, and even greater amounts of money are poured into the job of constantly cleaning aircraft.

By coating aircraft in Matt Miller's Reactive Polymer Coating, airlines can save money by not only reducing the man hours taken to clean the aircraft, but by also reducing their spend on cleaning chemicals and water by approximately 90%.

Another added bonus of coating aircraft in our Reactive Polymer Coating is that airlines can reduce their fuel usage. Fuel savings of even 1% can save an airlines millions of dollars annually, and also assists them in reaching their 2020 carbon emission targets.


After your house, your car is probably the second most expensive purchase you will make. It make sense that you would want to keep it in "showroom" condition for as long as possible. With Matt Miller's range of Reactive Polymer Coatings, Dry Wash and Wax, and Liquid Spray Polish, your car will keep its original lustre and shine for years to come. Our Polymer Coating will prevent paint oxidation from the sun and other elements, as well as protecting it from rust and general deterioration. Our Dry Wash and Wax will quickly and easily clean and wax your car in one easy step without the need for water, and our liquid polish is a fast acting, but extremely hard wearing polish designed to improve lustre and shine on any painted surface.

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