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Matt Miller

Matt Miller's SuperWhite - Skin Lightening Cream Natural and Permanant Skin Lightening and Brightning Cream for all Skin Types


SuperWhite Skin Lightening Cream is a fast acting cream containing clinically proven active ingredients, which works by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme necessary to convert the protein tyrosine to melanin therefore actively reducing dark and sun spots on the skin and giving the skin a smooth and even appearance.
SuperWhite can be used by both men and women with any skin type, who want to lighten their skin, fade sun and liver spots or even-out their complexion.

The Benefits of SuperWhite:

* Clinically proven actives

* Rapid results

* Hydroquinone free

* Safe to use

* Won't irritate the skin

* Can be used anywhere on the body

* No prescription needed

* Australian made

* Suitable for all skin types.

Directions: Apply SuperWhite Skin Lightening Cream to the area to be treated twice daily (morning and night). Do not over apply, and do not apply directly to the eyes. SuperWhite can be used safely before other facial or body creams and makeup, but ensure that SuperWhite has fully absorbed into the skin before applying these products.

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