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STOPHAIR a spray that inhibits hair growth @abeautyfeature

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| May 30, 2012 | 0 Comments
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You could not make this offer clearer,  just STOPHAIR,  an Australian product developed by an innovative Australian cosmeceutical company who continue to be focused on developing and manufacturing revolutionary skin and hair care products.  To this day STOPHAIR a Hair Inhibiting Spray is patented worldwide and is still the only patented hair inhibiting formula. 


How did all this happen? As with all good things in life by accident, Matthew Miller invented STOPHAIR in 1998 while he was studying for a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, part of his study was to investigate how to remove heavy metals from contaminated soil using plants (phytoremediation), when after about a month or so, his wife noticed that he didn’t have any hair on his hands and lower forearms. Miller set about trying to find out why this could be happening, and discovered that certain purified plant extracts naturally removed the nutrients from the hair follicle, so in theory, mimicking male pattern baldness. Miller tested and then patented the concept worldwide soon after.

Now his role in the company is that of new product development and he is the go to contact for STOPHAIR. Just to make this very clear STOP HAIR is a hair inhibiting spray, so a key point to remember is that the product will inhibit the hair growth inside the follicle. STOP HAIR can be used with any method of hair removal such as waxing, tweezing and electrolysis as these hair removal methods in particular render the hair follicle empty, so the product can work dramatically faster.  Naturally results can vary from person to person however STOPHAIR works extremely fast on people with light fine hair and can give visible results even from the first application, if you have course dark hair you will need more patience when using the product as it can take up to 12 weeks or longer to see the results.
Most people who require total hair removal are familiar with the hair growth stages or hair growth cycle, especially when embarking on a course of hair removal or using hair inhibiting spray. Understanding what is happening to the cells in the hair follicle at different times of the hair growth cycle is important. The stage of the hair growth cycle will affect how your hair responds to STOPHAIR, some of the hair might be in the dormant stage (up to 30% at any one time), while other hair is in the active (growing) stage. As STOPHAIR works as a Hair Inhibitor, the hair must be in the growth stage for the spray to be more effective.


What is next for Matthew Miller, first he wants his product to be sold around the world but he is also currently developing a natural hair re-growth serum and a natural skin whitening formula, which can be used to reduce birth marks and sun spots. Miller personally holds 2 patents, the one for Stop Hair and another for a polymer based coating that is used in the aircraft industry to reduce their carbon emissions to bring them in-line with 2020 carbon emission targets. For direct inquires contact Matthew Miller at this is where true chemistry and beauty meet.

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